Main Rules

Terms and guidelines

1.  The application should attach with personal picture and copy of the ID card or passport or a copy of the birth certificate for less than 18 years.
2.  Bring sportswear and sports shoe that fits with sports type and location of practice.
3.   Guardian bear the responsibility towards any behavior contrary from the Participant of regulations and laws and the Ministry of Sports Affairs does not assume any injury suffered during the Participant exercise activity.
4.   The need for commitment the punctuality and regulations and follow the instructions on the implementation of the activities.
5.   The guardian should provide the transportation for the Participant to and from the exercise activity center.
6.   The participant has the right to join 2 sports only in the same province.
7.   It will not be allowed to Participants under the age of eighteen years together only after the signing of the declaration from the guardian.

Approval the participant or guardian

I approved, I am the undersigned person of the above information and I agree to the socialist or the involvement of my son / daughter in the activity described above, according to the rules and conditions set by the organizing committee and that his / her health allows him / her to exercise activity memo also bear the responsibility for the direction of any injury suffered during exercise activity. As I am not asking any of the coaches or summer sports management program any compensatory amounts for the occurrence of any injury.

Recording way

1. The participant records his data on the site and encloses a copy of his ID card or passport / or goes to the sports center and the data entry records his data on the site.
2. Receive an SMS to the participant on his phone that (your request was accepted and to see your page enter the site with your code and your secret number)
3. He goes to the sports center to start the sport and his attendance is confirmed on the same day of the sport started by the data entry through the civil number.
4. If the participant does not attend the first three days, it is deleted by the data entry and placed in the list prepared by the coach and an SMS message is sent to the participant that the request has been canceled.