Frequently Asked Questions

Number Question Answer
1 What are sports days? It is an open sports day in all governorates. It is a collective sport that targets all groups of society without exception and is held in certain places in all governorates of the Sultanate
2 How can I enroll in mathematics? Select the Register button from the menu then:
Choose the center
Select activity
Pressing the button
3 What is the benefit of access to the number of ezronim and passcode on my mobile phone? To access it on your account and to know your schedule and you can update your data and make your suggestions
4 I have a suggestion for the sports center where I registered. How do I make my suggestions? Enter your account with your password and write your suggestion in the suggestions box and your suggestion will be submitted according to the center in which you registered
5 When does registration begin and when does it end? It starts in the summer in 6 months and continues for two weeks
6 How can I open my page easily? Through the application of the phone and available in two versions of Android and camels can download the program through the website or through the Play market