Vision and Mission


Spread the concept of sport for all.


To contribute a generation has the knowledge, sports health and social skills which can helps to create a sports community by athletic trainers.


The first axis: Sport for All

  • Expanding and spreading the culture of sports practice among various segments of society and raise the level of awareness of the importance of exercise.
  • Improving health indicators and general fitness of the various categories and segments of the participants.
  • Giving the participants the principles of co-good health habits through education and practice basic hygiene principles.

The second axis: Exercise

  • Provide an opportunity for young people to discover the various activities and sports games and get to know the rules of practice.
  • Discover Talent Sports and directed towards the practice of regular sports clubs.
  • Expand the scope of proper utilization and employment of established sports available to raise the level of profitability.

The third axis: Sports, Psychological and Social Health

  • Develop the cognitive and behavioral experiences associated with sporting activities, including contributing to the formation of a balanced personality.
  • Exploitation and recruitment of free time in useful activities which would enhance the formation of sound physical and social.
  • Instill the concept of the spirit of sport and the Olympic values in thought and practice.

Our Logo

Sports inter into the hearts of sports, entertainment and challenge fans without permission , then it gathering them to the rhythm of one, and world become playground beats of life, and the playground a world unleash the energies.  

This is what the logo expressed for "summer sports." And it simulates the vital summer, blue in the middle of orange and yellow, and gray coloring The name of the program, not only in harmony between colors and logo which redolent of life, but also adds to its strength. Thanks to the dynamic curves and clarity bobbing in the elements, this logo represents a flagrant expression for positive energy, and the spirit of sport, fun and suspense.

The idea

Harness the potential of young people and exploit on the best way for the benefit and interest for them.

From this point The Ministry of Sports Affairs implemented Summer Sports program which is one of the summer sports programs since 2006 , in an effort to spread the concept of sport for all , which date back physical and mental health and social development of all members on the society at different age groups . The program is the establishment of training centers across the Sultanate of Oman aims to teach participants the basics in the presence of the games sports trainers with experience, in addition to the establishment of an open sports days held by the Recreational sports competitions as well as sports day under the name of " family sport " seeks to strengthen ties between family members and create an atmosphere of pleasure and communication.